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NRPC Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Caretaker Support and Donation Center

We will replace these pictures with pictures and stories of those victims who will benefit from your donations. Thanks you.

Apply for financial support for in home care for any victim of the tragic shootings on October 1, 2017.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in one week -- please pledge your support!

All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a letter confirming the donation and the EIN (Tax ID) number for the not for profit automatically to your email once the donation is made.

Check back on the website daily to see which victims are benefiting from your donation.

Donation & Support Center: This website was created to receive donations and then to provide payments to caretakers caring for shooting victims. Because non-medical home care is NOT reimbursed by insurance, caretakers are strictly paid in cash. Many families have no funds and can not afford to hire a caretaker.

Dear friends & colleagues,

I am a native Southern Californian and moved to Las Vegas with my family to run a hospital several years ago and can not tell you how many people we know that have been affected by this mass tragedy in both southern Nevada and Southern California. As we grieve at least 59 deaths, there are 500 others who sustained injuries, many life threatening. That is where we all come in.

As a hospital CEO in Las Vegas and Los Angeles I experienced first-hand the devastation of trauma on families and as a result I was blessed to also witness compassionate care being provided by home based care takers. In honor of my mother, my wife and I started a not for profit to benefit Alzheimer's patients in 2014 and we have successfully raised and donated more than $40,000 to causes since then. Some of our biggest supporters have been home based care takers and their companies. It is time to give back now as they give so many hours in times of crisis.

We have checked with our business attorney and book keeper and both have cleared the way for us to now also donate funds to victims of the shooting in need of home based care. All donations received through this page will be donated for this cause. If you know anyone in need, please apply for support. Your generosity is appreciated in advance.
- Dr. Josh Luke
Founder of the not for profit National Readmission Prevention Collaborative
Former Las Vegas hospital CEO

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We would love to include a photo of the benefactor and a brief synopsis of their story of event night and recovery efforts.  We believe this will help generate more donations. If the victim is willing to share their picture and story on the website, please have the individual sign and date below and scan and email this document to

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Home Care Providers

National, including offices in Las Vegas, Southern Cal & Arizona

Our History

NRPC, The National Readmission Prevention Collaborative, was established in 2013 to help hospitals learn how to best prevent avoidable hospitalizations. In our four year existence, home based care takers have emerged as one of the most effective means to care for patients post trauma or hospital stay. NRPC was founded by former Las Vegas hospital CEO Dr. Josh Luke (more info available at Dr. Josh Luke on LinkedIn).

All Donations Entered on the site with the code "LVHEALS" will be allocated to pay for home based care for victims of the October 1, 2017 shootings.

NRPC History in Nevada

NRPC has hosted events in Las Vegas in 2015 and 2017, and has a third planned for February 2018 (see our event archive for further information). NRPC has partnered with southern Nevada based Las Vegas HEALS in hosting these events. Southern Nevada has some of the best hospitals and post acute providers and home based care takers in the country. May of those caretakers attend our Las Vegas events. NRPC has decided to give back to these caretakers by providing financial support to allow them to serve victims in need.

This website was established to ensure shooting victims have the resources to access needed care.


NRPC was created as a not for profit to raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease and has donated more than $40,000 to that cause and others since its inception. Although our primary mission has been Alzheimer's Disease, NRPC has also made random donations on request, most recently making donation to support flood victims in Houston.

For any further information please contact.

NRPC Las Vegas, February 16, 2017: NRPC Founder Dr. Josh Luke moderates (podium) a panel with several Las Vegas hospital CEO's, including Brian Brannman (Dignity Health), Lynn Billingsley (Kindred Healthcare), Sam Kaufman (Henderson Hospital) and Sunrise CEO Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky among others.
NRPC is a proud partner of Las Vegas HEALS since 2015